The Px+ Festival

From the 17th to the 19th of August in Sawbridgeworth, the Px+ Festival is a weekend long event for the people who dedicate their lives to the culinary experiences of others.
Over 200 Headliners across will be presenting during an epic three day festival of the hospitality industry.
Food will see Restaurants, chefs, bakers, butchers, secret tables, dessert bars, food traders, tastings, farmers, suppliers, and producers.
Drinks will display an extraordinary line up of wine, sommeliers, cocktail bars, bartenders, champagne, beer and brewers, teas, coffee and much more.
This year, Lorenzo will be headlining the festival on the 17th of August and will have the chance to share his passion, in an attempt to inspire and involve the audience and reflect on where are we heading as people first rather than as an industry. Details soon to follow...

UPDATE 29/05/2019
The Power of Words
We are very attentive with every word, every gesture or any needs of our guests.
But, what about the people the work next to us every day? How much do we know about them? In which way do we speak to each other? When is last time you apologised to one your colleague?
We always talk about how to look better after the guests. We need to take a step back, be human first again and create genuine environment.
All the parts will benefit from it, employee, guests and business.
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