Just in time for the celebration, The Team Fabbri, Lead by Nicola Fabbri, his daughter Elettra, Alessandro Cattani (Global Band Ambassador) and all the distributor of Fabbri in Singapore joined Lorenzo (Best Student Award 2019) at the Gala Dinner for awards of the Elite Bartender course.
As a part of the reward of the Angelo Zola 2018,Lorenzo has been invited also to join the team Fabbri in a fantastic journey through Cina. The first stop has been a guest shift alongside Alessandro, in Singapore @Kinou (Singapore) , spreading some Marendry love. Time to pack and the adventure to China, began with flight to Shanghai. In this experience I'll have always have by my side as a host Alessandro Cattani, Global Brand Ambassador for Fabbri 1905.We had a day off to explore Shanghai, long walk, chat, laughs have been going the whole day.
During the evening we explored a bit the bar scene, after a nice local meal. Arena Lux offered us a fancy range of drinks ( we definitely advice the Pizza Topping drink ) that pleased our palate and a nice hospitality that gave us the chance to plan the following day in complete peace.
Sunday 1st of September started with a visit in the Fabbri office where the presentation of the new GM ( Mr Raul Mora ) for Fabbri China took part. Following this introduction, all the contestants of Lady Amarena joined us in the office, for the presentation of the challenge of the day after and the draw for the order of the competition.
The afternoon and evening completed with a tour with all the contestants between bars and dinner seasoned with a lot of pictures to immortalise the memories of a great experience.
Wake up call was early as usual and with Alessandro, We were super excited to judge the final for Lady Amarena China, it was my second time judging a comp, this time I had the Technical part to look after and I have to say: ladies manage 10 times better the pressure than a man, rare were the occasion in which I've seen them shake during the pouring of the products. Drink after drink, I enjoyed see the way how these bartenders were exploiting in different way Amarena Fabbri and Marendry. In the end the beautiful drink CIAO BELLA of Liu Ting Zheng ( Marendry, Falernum Fabbri, Grapefruit juice,Lime and Sage leaves) got the crown and the ticket to compete in the global final in October in Bologna.
A small shift with Alessandro and myself took part at The Cannery right after. We did (blog with Ale) another guest shift the day after in Funkadeli Fumin, after a morning of training and R&D in the office. It was so much fun. Time flew fast and it was already time to say goodbye to Shanghai, new destination : Fuzhou a different region in China, a bit south than Shangai.
Here as we landed, time to get changed and straight to do a masterclass @Late Market. A full room of young bartender attended to hear history, heritage and products of Fabbri to the bartender's service. A local dinner awaited us to recharge the batteries for the guest shift that took place at the Late Market.
This was my last stop in China before my flight back to London, passing though Shanghai,Singapore, Frankfurt and London.
It was a great, fulfilling experience. I learned a lot, a life experience that I'm sure will help me during my future adventures. Fabbri allowed me to learn more about them and how proud they are to be Italian, spread quality and the words around the world...
Grazie Mille to Nicola Fabbri for supporting the bartender associations and to believe so much in young generation!
Thanks to Alessandro, for being such a great companion ( SPARTACOOO!) during this journey and Thanks to everyone I met along the way, you made me a richer person.
Amarena for everyone!