Winning the Angelo Zola 2018 during the A.I.B.E.S. national competition gave me access to the prestigious Elite Bartender Course ( Ex JWC) held in Singapore every year by I.B.A. and A.B.S.S.. This year was from the 18th of to the 30th of August.
It was such a great experience,with 17 country represented. The program include 10 days of training in different subject, just to mention some examples: Element of cost, Bar management alongside classics like IBA cocktails or production methods.
After the course there two prizes generally awarded: The Eagle Award and The Best Student.
The first is given to the person who imbibed at best the spirit of the course and group, the second to the person who shows knowledge throughout the course.
Joel Konza from Sweden ( but also half Australian) brought back home the Eagle besides a Second placement in the Asia Pacific competition. I'm extremely proud that I've been recognised as a Best Student of the course. I've been extremely happy to represent my country and A.I.B.E.S. Italy and my Region Lazio-Umbria.
This has been a great possibility for me to get in contact with so many people from different places in the world, learn more about tradition, culture and trends.
I'm super happy that I had the chance ( after trying 4 years to win the Angelo Zola) to take part in this great event that every year attract people from all over the world.
Thanks to IBA for organising it, thanks to all the participant and friend I met along this journey and that I'm sure I will see them around the world.
I wish you all the Best!