For the first time as a Guest Bartender in Asia, Lorenzo will land in the wonderful, luxurious new establishment created by the St Regis.
In cooperation with Beluga Vodka the 8th and 9th of August will see the great team of the St Regis Bar, lead by the Head Mixologist Andrea Minarelli hosting a two night with Lorenzo behind the bar, showcasing with 6 drinks how to express at best the quality of Beluga Vodka.
During these day Lorenzo will also work with the distributor of Beluga in HK leading a product masterclass.
It will be extremely exciting to be there, see a new community of bartenders, showcase the product and drinks in such a great venue Mark it on your calendar 8-9th of August from 6pm @St Regis Bar, Hong Kong
See you at there!

Back in London

The experience in HK was absolutely amazing. The St. Regis surely is one of the best hotel where to stay and receive a true 5* guest experience ( Not that granted these days in 5*). Let's star from the beginning, the first day - 6/07- after my arrival, I had a bit of time for myself, Gym time ( for me was like 8am but instead was 5 pm) and right after I relaxed in the pool. Around 7pm I went down ate the beautiful St. Regis Bar (See Pic) and with the cooperation of the Head Mixologist Andrea Minarelli and one of the team member, Mike, we started doing all the prep needed for the day after. The 7th began with a good breakfast and immediately at 11am there has been the first training for Beluga in the Jebsen Offices with a small lunch break right away at Cassio there was a second masterclass for the HK bartender community (Loads of Beluga for everyone!) There was not much time left for a rest that I've immersed myself immediately in the vibrant atmosphere of the bar already full house for the aperitif. Time to finish the set up and the evening took off. Success the first night and still a lot of hospitality and beluga love to share for the following day. Rested well after the second night I decided to go with Andrea in the center of HK, we've been wondering around trying some local spices and guessing most of the Chinese label that (Thanks google translate scan) were on the pack. a quick lunch and relax followed the morning research, the time for a coffee and once again I was behind the bar. The team was just great, the station was perfectly set up and everything was in place ( I was really amaze by the skills and the precision of all the bar team). Busier than the day before we accomplished our mission of sharing knowledge, having fun and making people happy. Just the time for a quick bite with all the team and it was time again to rest and in the morning go back to London.
It would be impossible to thank all the people involved during these 4 quick day, I will regroup them on a big Thanks to the St. Regis and Andrea Minarelli that really worked hard to arrange everything. Jebsen Fine Wine and Beluga Vodka to make it possible.
Time to look already to the next event, PX+ Festival will be next week...